Special Editions of the Razorback Parent e-Newsletter

Special Editions of the Razorback Parent e-Newsletters focus on sharing more information about a certain topic, area or issue that pertains specifically to your student's success at the You of A. We aim to give you more information about key subjects so you can help your student during their time on the Hill. Keep in mind, this is an archive of the Special Editions we have published. For this reason, some of the dates/information listed may not be the most accurate, but provide a glimpse into the issue. We encourage you to reach out to the individual area/department included on the last page of each Special Edition for more information.


greek edition of RPNGreek Edition
published July 2012

Your student might be interested in Greek Life at the University of Arkansas….but maybe you don’t know much about it. That’s ok! We have included a  Special Edition of the Razorback Parent e-Newsletter for you that talks about the different councils that your student can be involved in, the benefits of being Greek, a calendar of important dates, and more. Click the button below to download a copy of the Greek Edition of the Razorback Parent e-Newsletter.

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career edition of RPNCareer Edition
published February 2012

Most think that career preparations can wait until the junior or senior year, but starting early can give your student a leg up when job searching begins. Click below to read more about helping your student decide on a major, choose a career path or explore back-up options, find out about on-campus resources like the Career Development Center and more!

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study abroad edition of RPNStudy Abroad Edition
published September 2013

Each year, students from the University of Arkansas participate in various Study Abroad experiences. From London to Australia, Rome to Mozambique, there's an opportunity for your student to travel and learn in another country. Click the image to the left to find out about the benefits of studying abroad, different program offerings and opportunities and how your student can help finance their experience.  

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housing recontracting edition of RPNHousing Re-Contracting Edition
published November 2013

As a student living on campus, one of the most important decisions to be made each year is whether or not you'll continue to live on campus. There are many benefits to living on-campus--close proximity to classes, always something to do, no parking hassles. Click the image to the left to find out more about the benefits of living on-campus and the re-contracting process.

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